ZEPPELIN-Shelter® Mobility Accessories

Alternative systems are available for the handling of ZEPPELINShelter®
that do not necessarily require the use of heavy transport and handling

Thus, loading and off-loading of ZEPPELIN-Shelter® for truck transport is
possible through special shelter-mounted lifting supports.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can also be safely loaded and off-loaded using hook-lift
roll-off or container removal systems.

ZMS offers various mechanical or hydraulic semior fully-automatic leveling
supports as equipment accessories for alignment of shelters lowered to
the ground on uneven terrain.

The maneuvering of shelters lowered to the ground is possible without lifting
equipment, by installing special wheel sets that are available in different

For air transport, ZMS offers rigging rails that are mounted directly to the

Wheel sets

Leveling supports

Rigging rails

Chain systems are available for tying down, lashing and securing the
ZEPPELIN-Shelter® for transport on trucks, trailers or flatbed trucks.

For the securing of not permanently installed equipment in the shelters,
ZMS offers insulated transport boxes that are customized to the individual
equipment. These can be securely fastened in the shelter with appropriate
holding fixtures and devices.

Additionally, the transport boxes are compatible for transport on so-called
master pallets in cargo air transport.

Lifting supports

Hook-lift roll-off system

Chain systems

Transport boxes

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH