ZEPPELIN Mobile Integrated Water Treatment Plant

The system permits the highly efficient production of chemical- and bacteria-
free water at low costs - principle: evaporation

The system does not use any chemicals and generate freshwater free of any
salts, bacteria, or other contaminants.

The modular design has been a central topic with this containerized water
treatment plant. Small systems run in autonomous mode can be combined
into one major facility.

Depending on the heat sources available, various amounts of water can be
provided for desalination purposes. Individual desalination modules form the
core of the system which can be placed in 20 or 40 ft. containers. These
mobile containers can be placed in various configurations at any place on
this earth.

Optional integrated power and heat production units can also be used by
other systems.


Operating principle

Evaporation is a physical process where water changes from its liquid state
into the gaseous state (steam), at temperatures below the boiling point.

While in nature the sun provides for the heating of seawater or brackish water,
this system utilizes various energy resources, such as:
- Renewable energies (solar heat, geothermal heat, photo-voltaic, wind power)
- Waste heat from existing industrial processes
- Integrated production of energy required (Generator, heating-system)


Private supply, municipal supply

Raw water

Sea water, surface water, well water, brackish water


Per desalination module: 5 m drinking water per day

System highlights

Any type of water, any type of salinity of the raw water, no chemicals, no
corrosive materials, any waste heat > 70C, low electrical energy, no high
pressure pumps, low support and maintenance

Optional equipment

Potable water tank, dispenser, tubing, fittings.

Technical changes and design reserved

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Exemplary products

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