ZEPPELIN Patient Transportation

ZEPPELIN Off-road transport

ZEPPELIN box bodies for ambulance service and/or transport of injured persons
can be mounted on various chassis types, including, or instance, the Mercedes
G-model, Unimog, Hummer, Landrover, and Iveco.

The standard design for transport comprises storage for 4 stretchers,

- either with four laying,
- six sitting
- or a combination of laying and sitting patients.

The optionally available
trapezoidal-shaped roof
structure for the Unimog
facilitates transportation
by airplane.

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ZEPPELIN Patient Transport Shelter

The shelter-based ZMS transport system for patients can be mounted to a truck
or trailer with a 20‘ container frame, including off-road versions.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1 offers a maximum capacity of 16 patient seats
(seated transport) and can be optionally equipped for quarantine transport with
NBC protection. The interior of the transport shelters for patients has a modular
design and facilitates deployment-specific configuration of the shelter by
replacing the modules.

- Module 1: Four patients seated
- Module 2: Three patients laying
- Module 3: Intensive care unit

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ZEPPELIN Air Transport

In addition, the special Med-Evac shelter comprises a pressure compensation
feature as well as HF shielding, and facilitates air transport of injured or ill
persons due to its special dimensions.

The individuality of the transport modules also facilitates flexible equipping of
the shelter:

- Seated patients
- Laying patients
- Intensive care unit Med-

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