Setting out for new horizons

After more than 60 years again, non-rigid airships are built according to the design principles of
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin: The Zeppelin NT links the latest aeronautical engineering knowledge
while utilising state-of-the-art materials and technologies. Have a look at the world's currently largest
non-rigid airship and at the company which has designed it and builds such airships today.

The Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH in Friedrichshafen

Comprehensible history of non-rigid airships

In Friedrichshafen, birthplace of non-rigid airships, you can find not only a documentation of the
complete history of non-rigid airshipbuilding, but also numerous unique exhibits, photographs and

A foretaste - and much more information - offers the Zeppelin Museum

The German Zeppelin Shipping Line

Impressive moments!

Since August 2001 the German Zeppelin Shipping Line (DZR) has offered one-hour sightseeing flights
on the new, ultra-modern Zeppelin NT. Experience the prominent scenery and places around Lake
Constance (Bodensee) from the altitude of 300 metres. All this from a unique perspective.

More on this exclusive flight amusement at

Zeppelin University

During the summer semester 2003 the Zeppelin University was officially acknowledged as the
University of the State of Baden Württemberg. This marked the starting point for an innovative
foundation directly at the Lake Constance with a view of the Alps - with a programmatic namesake:
Earl Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The subjects are split in the fields of economy, culture and politics.

To the Zeppelin University

The municipality Meckenbeuren


Meckenbeuren - home of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME - is a municipality in the Lake Constance
District in Baden-Wuerttemberg. This region is the economic and technological center of the
international "Euregio Bodensee" and location of many major companies. Located between
Ravensburg, Tettnang and Friedrichshafen offers Meckenbeuren a high added value for trade
and industry. With its proximity to Lake Constance and the Alps Meckenbeuren also offers
a high living and recreational value.

More of this region

Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen

The airport Friedrichshafen is one of the biggest in Baden-Württemberg.

Besides a variety of scheduled flights, regular flights to international hubs like Frankfurt Airport and
Zurich Airport are of special significance.

To the airport Friedrichshafen

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