Constructive implementation of new ideas and challenges have been strong points of
ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH ever since. Our Engineering Department is
not exclusively occupied with projectrelated engineering services, but endeavours to
be a step ahead of technology development also in its own research work.

This constructive know-how makes it possible for us to continuously broaden the
range of our products and to open up new fields of business while maintaining our
high quality standards in the spirit of our customers at the same time.

Last but not least the ZEPPELIN Shelter technology leads the way in the world
because our engineering team takes on the challenges and deals with looming
problems constructively early enough. Latest technology and innovative employees
guarantee to our customers the best possible way of translating their demands into
reality also in the future.

The manufacturing quality of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH exceeds by far
the standards of industrial production. Beyond keeping the quality standards and
certifications common in the industry, it has been our goal to continue providing our
customers with the quality standard they have been associating with our name for a
long time.

Highly motivated employees with partly decades-long company seniority make sure
that the quality of our manufacturing process does not suffer under the time pressure
caused increasingly by tight lead times. This is even more important from the point of
view of the integration of various manufacturing penetrations arising in the production
structure of a diversifying manufacturer and system supplier. The philosophy of lean
manufacturing process and just-in-time manufacturing system allow a concentrated
and streamlined production while simultaneously reducing the cost structure. This
optimisation of the production process is of benefit to our customers after all.

The main component of our customer service is the product service. ZEPPELIN
MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH has been dedicated to this creed ever since. Service and
maintenance are indispensable benchmarks of the sales process of our products.

We are known not only because of our innovation and our quality, but because we
also support the customer at all after-sales stages. We take the term "customer
service" literally. This begins with the product training and includes all main aspects
of extensive after-sales care: service, spare parts delivery, maintenance and servicing.

The philosophy of this product responsibility is not just the centre of our attention; it
is also the main criterion for the selection of our suppliers. We feel obliged to provide
to our customers a service level guaranteeing years-long flawless use of our systems
even after expiration of the warranty period.

The times of changing markets and global competition also left their mark on the
Shelter sector. ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH was one of the first
manufacturers who took on this challenge.

Today we belong to the few suppliers providing an extensive service to customers,
from consulting to the implementation of highly complex processes. As system
supplier we do not take on just the production or the assembly of individual product
systems, but on request we also provide the management for the coordination and
implementation of the whole process at the customer's facility.

Our broad and modular range of products makes it possible for us to offer to our
customers a multitude of solution possibilities. At the same time, the customer's
benefit has always been in the focus of our advice from which the customers profit
because of our many years' standing experience.