To enable support of remote or mobile deployments, ZMS also offers specialized infrastructure modules which
function stand-alone or integrated into complete solutions. These modules include water purification, energy
generation or IT modules, as well as the innovative monitoring and control unit.

ZEPPELIN Mobile Security Shelter

The mobile, modular monitoring shelter for facilities security functions enables
a consistently high standard of protection 24x7. It is designed to be an
independent system equipped with security-enhancing components such
as cctv systems, monitoring and reporting systems.

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ZEPPELIN Mobile Satellite Communication Shelter

The Mobile Satellite Communications Shelter allows globally available commu-
nications channels, without needing existing land-based infrastructure such as
land lines, fiber optic cables or GSM networks. The shelters can be configured
for stand-alone use or for use embedded in larger mobile systems.

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ZEPPELIN Mobile Sea Water Desalination Plant

The containerized water treatment plant is a fully automated sea water
desalination plant and designed to provide coastal camps, vacation units,
small settlements and military units with fresh drinking water.

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ZEPPELIN Integrated Water Treatment Plant

The system permits the highly efficient production of chemical- and bacteria-
free water at low costs - principle: evaporation. The system does not use
any chemicals and generate freshwater free of any salts, bactreia, or other

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ZEPPELIN Mobile Biological Compact Wastewater Treatment Plant

The containerized wastewater treatment plants may be applied anywhere.
They work without chemicals and excel through reliability, eco friendliness
and state-of-the-art technology. The compact wastewater treatment plants
are fully pre-assembled biological systems for the purification of domestic
wastewater or wastewater of similar composition.

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ZEPPELIN Mobile Waste Incinerating Plant

The waste incinerating plants in 20 ft. containers can be deployed quickly
and dependably anywhere safe waste disposal is not possible. They are
designed for the combustion of medical waste and solid waste like cardboard,
plastics, paper, wood, rubber, textiles, oily rags and food waste.

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ZEPPELIN Mobile Emergency Accommodation

Mobile, seaworthy emergency accommodation based on 20' standard steel
container. Furnished with all necessary details (bunk beds, chairs and table,
wash basin, toilet, water supply and sewage disposal through its own tank
facility), these systems can be used quickly and variably.

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