ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME realizes mobile system carriers.

ZMS offers with these shelter systems to customer requirements or in ZMS standards the functionality and flexibility to be used for
a wide variety of functions. All systems are customer specific equipped.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® FM-Series

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® of the FM Series are universal by design, allowing an
abundance of applications in the communication and telecommunication area.
ZEPPELIN-Shelter® of the FM Series are available in two variants as basic
versions in several sizes:
- Type A: Unschielded version
- Type B: With integrated HF shielding.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® ISO 20'

In the ISO Series, ZMS offers three versions of the 20' ZEPPELIN-Shelter®
with CSC approval:

- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1, approx. 12 qm floor space
- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 2:1, single-side extendable, approx. 18 qm floor space
- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1, double-side extendable, approx. 27 qm floor space

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® System Configurations

Systems configured from several shelters for military and civil communication
and telecommunication applications of the most varying types can be realized
both vehicle-based as well as when lowered to the ground. Depending on
application and deployment area, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1
are connected to closed units using special connection shelters, corridors
or tent systems.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® Box Bodies K Series

ZEPPELIN box bodies of the K Series - which are specially for offroad
applications - can be fastened to a variety of carrier vehicles. They offer
functional reliability for an abundance of communication tasks. The tried-
and-tested ZEPPELIN sandwich design with integrated frame and chassis
construction guarantees high torsional stiffness and secure function for
demanding applications on vehicles.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® Box Bodies F Series

Developed especially for semitrailers and truck superstructures, the ZEPPELIN
Box Bodies of the F Series provide room quality at the highest level and offer
exceptional transport flexibility.

The ZEPPELIN Box Bodies of the F Series can be mounted on a variety of
different chassis.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® System Integration

ZMS offers a variety of system integrations for the ZEPPELIN-Shelter®
and Box Bodies that target the different and individual requirements of our
customers. In this, we classify three system areas:
- The system integration for internal infrastructure,
- The design-dependent system integration,
- The customer-specific equipment system integration.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® Mobility Accessories

Alternative systems are available for the handling of ZEPPELIN-Shelter®
that do not necessarily require the use of heavy transport and handling
equipment, e.g.:
- lifting supports, leveling supports, wheel sets,
- hook-lift roll-off or container removal systems,
- air transport rigging rails.

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Customer-specific special shelter systems

ZMS develops and manufactures customer-specific and special shelter
systems for civilian and military applications in the field of communication,
control and infrastructure.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH