ZEPPELIN-Shelter® System Configurations ISO Series

Systems configured from several shelters for military and civil communication
and telecommunication applications of the most varying types can be realized
both vehicle-based as well as when lowered to the ground. The shelters can
be lowered to the ground without the requirement of additional equipment when
using the optional lifting supports.

Depending on application and deployment area, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1,
2:1 and 3:1 are connected to closed units using special connection shelters,
corridors or tent systems.

The ZEPPELIN-Shelter® can also be placed on any truck or trailer with a 20‘
container frame, including offroad versions, and put into operation.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are equipped to customer requirements, including the
system integration. The own power supply and air conditioning enable self-
sufficient operation of the complete unit.

Applications (among others):
- Command post / Control station
- Monitoring units
- Communication and telecommunication units
- Radar station
- Relay station

Configuration example 1:

- 1x Connection tent
- 3x ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1
- 2x Generator unit

Configuration example 2:

- 2 trucks, 2 trailers

- 1x Connection shelter
- 2x ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 2:1
- 1x ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1

Configuration example 3:

- 3 trucks, 3 trailers

- 2x Connection shelter
- 1x ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 2:1
- 2x ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1
- 1x Generator

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH