ZEPPELIN-Shelter® ISO 20'

In the ISO Series, ZMS offers three versions of the 20' ZEPPELIN-Shelter®
with CSC approval:

- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 1:1,
  with approx. 12 qm floor space,

- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 2:1,
  single-side extendable, with approx. 18 qm floor space,

- ZEPPELIN-Shelter® 3:1,
  double-side extendable, with approx. 27 qm floor space.

The floor surfaces of the extendable shelters when slid out are on the same
level. By design of, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® allows for wall installation of the
technical equipment, including in the slide-outs as well as permanent
installations in the floor and roof area of the main shelter.

Depending on version, the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is provided with a separate
utility room on the front side for the supply of power or air conditioning.

Apart from the individual system integration (EDP, rack installation,
communication technology, etc.), the customer-specific equipment
includes the lighting and furniture. Both the equipment and the layout
are adapted precisely to customer requirements.

If requested, the walls and the floor of the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are fitted
with C-rails for fastening of the mounting parts.

Equipping the shelter with integrated or adaptive ballistic protection as
well as HF shielding against exterior interference (minimum attenuation
45 dB between 100 kHz and 1 GHz) is also optionally possible.

Additionally, the shelters can be equipped with an NBC ventilation-
protection system.

By means of corridors - such as special connection shelters, frame-
supported or inflatable tents - ZEPPELINShelter® can be individually
connected with each other, and thus combined to an enclosed, complex

Operation of ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is possible both on a vehicle as well as
when lowered to the ground.

Applications (among others):

- Control station

- Command Post

- Monitoring center

- Satellite communication shelter

- Radio station

- Relay station

- Weather station

- Server station

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH