ZEPPELIN-Shelter® System Integration

ZMS offers a variety of system integrations for the ZEPPELIN-Shelter®
and box bodies that target the different and individual requirements of
our customers.

In this, we classify three system areas:

System integration for internal infrastructure

Analogous to the applicational purpose and requirement profile of the
customer, ZEPPELIN-Shelter® and box bodies are equipped with an internal
power supply, including complete cabling, electrical installation and lighting
system. Here, the power generator and the control unit are either installed in
a separate utility area integrated in the shelter cell (ZEPPELIN-Shelter®, box
bodies) or outside of the shelter in a special installation frame (ZEPPELIN-
Shelter® FM Series).

Installations for air conditioning or heating are also realized either in the
separate utility room or in a special frame, and are deployment-specifically
configured. For extreme climatic operating conditions, a floor-heating system
can be installed.

Design-dependent system integration

Based on the applicational purpose, ZMS develops and realizes individual
equipment components of the shelter cell, such as roof-extendable or
sidewall-mounted antenna carriers, special openings and flaps for operating
panels, external supply or ventilation as well as stairways or ladders.

Customer-specific equipment system integration

Both for ZEPPELIN-Shelter® as well as in box bodies, ZMS precisely installs
equipment specified or provided by the customer, such as furnishings, working
areas and mechanical, electrical or electronic system components, to layout
and placement specifications.

Already in the detail-design phase of the shelter cell, the required adaptations,
such as reinforcement of the profile frames, fastening points, lighting system,
cabling or supply openings, are taken into account. The examples featured
show the flexible application possibilities of the ZEPPELIN-Shelter® and ZEPPELIN box bodies.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH