ZEPPELIN-Shelter® Box Bodies K Series

ZEPPELIN box bodies of the K Series - which are specially for offroad
applications - can be fastened to a variety of carrier vehicles, such as the
Mercedes G-Model, Unimog or Zetros as well as to the Hummer, Nimr,
Uro Vamtac, Land Rover and others.

They offer functional reliability for an abundance of communication tasks.

The design varieties are possible as standard shelter or to customer

The tried-and-tested ZEPPELIN sandwich design with integrated frame
and chassis construction guarantees high torsional stiffness and secure
function for demanding applications on vehicles.

The design and model variants shown are exemplary for the characteristic
vehicle forms.

The customer-specific equipment includes the individual system integration,
the power supply and air conditioning, as well as the lighting and furniture.

The ZEPPELIN Box Bodies of the K Series offer the possibility of HF
shielding >60 dB, meaning, the shelter cell is already provided as a
shielded housing. The respective HF components for doors and wall
openings can be retrofitted.

Individual configuration possibilities of the Box Bodies for vehicle-based
operation ensures high flexibility.

The characteristic trapezoidal-shaped roof structure, e.g. for the Mercedes
Unimog, allows for RoRo transportation by airplane.


Technical changes and design reserved

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH