SERVICE PROVISION - Technical Infrastructure



Mobile accommodation is provided in the form of tents and various types of
temporary shelters; enhanced with sanitary facilities.

All systems can be supplied with optional air conditioning and their own
energy and water supply.


Food provison

ZMS offers distribution systems and mobile kitchens and canteens
designed to cater for up to 800 persons at a time.

The equipment is individually customised for installation in ZEPPELIN-
Shelter® or tents.



Mobile generators of various output capacities and configurations are
available for the provision of emergency power as required.

They can be supplied as auxiliary units mounted on single-axle trailers
or as part of complex shelter systems with redundancy backup.


ZMS offers, alongside its various compact units, drinking-water treatment
plants for installation in ZEPPELIN-Shelter®. These have been developed
as fully automatic systems designed to supply water in the event of
emergency or natural catastrophe, and also when normal supplies run


The communications shelters - configured according to requirements and
purpose and installed in a ZEPPELIN-Shelter® - facilitates network-independent
internal and external voice and data communications via cable, radio, GSM,
UMTS or satellite.

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH