ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME realizes mobile medical systems and systems for technical infrastructure.

Fast and effective assistance in the event of natural disasters or other contingencies requires civil defence and civil protection
based on globally mobile, ready-to-run functioning systems designed for use in the areas of SERVICE PROVISION and SAFETY
AND SECURITY. ZMS supplies corresponding facilities in the shape of a wide range of directly deployable, protected working
and living spaces coupled with a global logistics system and based on the ZEPPELIN-Shelter®.


Wherever a quick response to medical emergencies is required, ZEPPELIN
modular medical systems ensure the provision of professional and reliable
primary, emergency and continuing care, e.g. "ZEPPELIN Mobile Damage
Control Surgery". The approach is based on specially equipped, extendable
ZEPPELIN-Shelter®, some of which can be enhanced with systems that use
modern tents.

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SERVICE PROVISION - Technical Infrastructure

The provision of safe and reliable technical infrastructure is of great importance
whenever a natural disaster or other catastrophe occurs.

ZMS supplies a wide range of mobile systems for this purpose; all designed
for fast deployment without elaborate or complicated installation procedures.

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ZMS offers a variety of assistance and support systems, ranging from mobile
systems for preventive purposes to units for acute emergencies and mobile
equipment for personal protection and the security of technical systems.

They are all characterised by their short setup and deployment times and
configuration for immediate use.

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ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH