Shelter-based, individually confi gured systems are used for general observation
tasks, for ensuring safety and security and for monitoring functions of all kinds.

Equipped with their own power supply, corresponding technical systems and
communications equipment, they are designed to function reliably and autonomously.

Acute emergencies

Mobile lab facilities installed in ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are supplied in various
configurations, for standard lab use in medical or clinical investigation or as
specially equipped or environmental labs for deployment in such fields as
microbiology, infection serology or environmental chemistry. Equipment for
the decontamination of persons and equipment after contact with hazardous
substances can be supplied for installation in a vehicle-based ZEPPELIN-
Shelter®, in a tent or in combinations of both.


When it comes to the protection of people and critical infrastructure, ZMS
supplies various shelter-based units for functions ranging from rescue,
evacuation or emergency shelter up to mobile autonomous computer

ZEPPELIN-Shelter® is a protected word mark of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEME GmbH