Mobile Emergency Systems

The highly flexible and complex Medical Emergency Systems based on
the ZEPPELIN Compact-Shelter, which is used for the medical diagnosis
and treatment areas. This extendable shelter provides an unprecedented
safe and hygienic work environment for emergency medicine, as well as a
high level of supply. The shelters are supplemented by tents depending on
the configuration.

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Rescue station

The rescue station is equipped for medical emergencies and for the delivery
of life-saving measures involving control shock, respiration, stop of blood-loss
and treatment of fractures. It can be extended with further shelters or tents as
capacity requires. A range of different medical facilities can be included,
depending on configuration. All ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)
functions are supported.

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Rescue center

The rescue center, which is the extended version of the rescue station,
offers modular emergency surgical facilities, as well as additional diagnostic
and treatment possibilities such as X-ray examination, CT, intensive care or
lab facilities.

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Emergency hospital

The capacity and medical facilities of ZEPPELIN emergency hospitals are
configured in accordance with specific needs and medical requirements.
ZEPPELIN-Shelter® are deployed as treatment rooms for such purposes
as operating theatres, pre- and post-OP, X-ray diagnosis, examination and
treatment; while tents are used for triage and patient accommodation.
These facilities offer similar working environment as a conventional hospital.

Quarantine station

The mobile quarantine station has been specially designed for immediate
deployment in disaster relief. It is completely autonomous, and comes
equipped with its own energy and water supply, filter systems, waste disposal
and oxygen supply. It is also equipped with areas that can be separated by
airlocks, for such purposes as examination, classification, dealing with
suspicious cases and symptoms and the management of quarantine and
treatment procedures.